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Douglas Cramer, Director
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Rebecca Cramer, Business & Creative Director
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Kestrel Communications offers effective and elegant communications solutions that can be quickly put into practice. We excel at projects using the acclaimed Drupal content management system for website construction, integrated with today's best tools and practices for building responsive websites and social media platforms.

Contact us to learn more about how we can collaborate. Distance is not an obstacle. Our professional clients are based across the United States, and we've honed our tools and best practices for virtual team building, long-distance collaboration, training via screen sharing, and other ways of fostering strong relationships. We're also regularly traveling, both nationally and internationally, in order to engage with clients and audiences. You can be confident that your information and needs will be treated with discretion, as we have deep experience working in highly sensitive environments requiring trust and maturity in all matters.




  • Writing and Editing

  • Website Design

  • Social Media Design

  • Print Design

  • Production Design

  • Training

  • Strategic Planning

  • Market Research and Analysis




We are available for ad hoc consultation and project support at a competitive hourly rate. More commonly, we contract with our clients for projects with clearly defined milestones and goals. We tailor the cost of each project to the specific needs of the client and the overall complexity of the work, building our project fees from an estimation of the total hours involved as well as production costs such as website hosting, stock photography usage rights, printing and print supplies, outside subcontractor fees, and so on.



Kestrel Communications provides design, publishing and production services with an emphasis on harmonizing and integrating a variety of communications methods which best serve our clients. We consult closely with our clients to ensure that their needs are heard and met swiftly. Our deepest talents reside in helping create unified communications campaigns across multiple media, including websites, social media, printed materials, and more.

Success in this field requires a well-crafted toolbox of technology that can be deployed quickly and easily. Our toolbox at Kestrel Communications includes the Google suite, Facebook, Drupal, Photoshop, Evernote, and a growing host of applications, support services, and well-conceived approaches honed over time. We’re also adept at quickly adopting new tools already in use by our clients.



We strive to always maintain a professional and forthright perspective on design and communications, and have many years of experience working successfully and transparently with organizations and businesses in spite of geographically distance. Our longest relationships have been with clients in such far flung states as California, Florida, Massachusetts and New Jersey, and we regularly conduct virtual meetings and interviews with writers, designers, and other collaborators across the world.

Our background and approach allows us to come alongside clients in the midst of complex and sensitive projects, and come alongside their teams to bring their work to completion. We also have a passion for aiding new and growing businesses and organizations find their first strong voice, and cultivate ongoing strategic communications efforts with them so that they can grow their audiences in today’s saturated media environment.



One new Kestrel Communications client is a Colorado attorney building out the first website for his professional legal endeavors, as well as supporting promotional materials like business cards. The project involves mission statement writing, target audience analysis, logo design, social media platforms, the construction of a mobile-friendly Drupal 8 website, content and image creation, training, articles for trade journals, and a year of site hosting and security support with a environmentally-sensitive hosting provider. It takes a mindful application of a lot of complex skill sets to successfully execute this kind of effort, and to do so with creativity and grace which leaves everyone - the client, our Kestrel team, and the client’s audience - grateful for the work accomplished.

What is Kestrel Communications?

Kestrel Communications offers effective and elegant communications solutions that can be quickly put into practice. We excel at planning and completing projects in support of well-conceived campaigns that help organizations expand and grow, integrating today's best tools and practices for building responsive websites and social media platforms. Our core services include: Writing and Editing; Website Design; Social Media Design; Print Design; Production Design; Training; Strategic Planning; and Market Research and Analysis. Kestrel is led by Douglas and Rebecca Cramer, and its foundation is the collaboration uniting their wealth of complimentary abilities and experience.

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